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立大傳動工業有限公司,主要營業項目為機械傳動元件,鏈條、鏈輪、齒輪、聯軸器、伺服馬達聯軸器、免鍵式軸套,行銷於臺灣各縣市。製造工廠通過 ISO-9001 的品質與流程管控認證,讓產品的物料、生產、流程、品管...等,均有 SOP 來控管。 我們有近三十年的傳動零件加工經驗與優秀的工程研發、製作團隊,並引進先進的 CNC 電腦加工設備,嚴格的控管產品品質,廠內豐富且多樣性的庫存,足以提供各類傳動零件客戶的需求。立大傳動不斷的投入產品研發與創新的技術,開發各種更好、更新、更耐用的產品,並自創品牌 CHC系列的各式傳動零件,免鍵式軸套、各型小型聯軸器、鋼片式聯軸器、橡膠聯軸器、梅花型聯軸器、扭力限制器、鏈條聯軸器、彈性惰輪...等精密性的產品,提供市場所需。 目前在中國江蘇省太倉市城厢鎮與安徽省黃山市均成立生產工廠,我們將持續經營臺灣與國際市場的接軌技術,降低生產成本,提高產品的質量,為客戶做更好、更全面性的服務,同步創造與客戶雙贏的局面。


Chien Hsiang Transmission industry Co.,LTD(CHC) founded in Taipei in 1981, specializing in manufacturing in conveyor chains, gears, couplings and all kind of transmission products. CHC provide the best quality of transmission products and Were sold in Taiwan and Overseas. We sold Ourproducts to various of customers in Taiwan, such as ChinaSteel, DragonSteel, Kenmec Mechanical Engineering, Hsiang Lung Machinery, Fair Friend Group.We have more than 30 years experience and builded a certain reputation in Taiwan Industry.

With China's rapid economic development and global expansion, China subsidiary- Jianxiang ransmission Industries (Taicang)Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005 in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. To expand the business and provide more services for customers, HuangShan Ji-Jiawas established in 2014 in HuangShan City, Anhui Province. Ji-Jiatransmission Machinery Co.,Ltd., specializingin Manufacturing roller chains, power lock couplingsparking garage chains, motorcycle chains. All employees Will base On theCompany's business concept, and Operateguidelines for the majority of customers to achieve sustainable development.

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